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Stick to football? How Premier League stars are using their platforms for social change

In early January, Arsenal Football Club demonstrated their continued support for the anti-knife crime movement by collaborating with Adidas to launch their ‘No More Red’ campaign.

In 2021, London saw the highest number of teenage murders in a year since records began, the majority of which involved knife attacks.

‘No More Red’ seeks to reverse this upward trend in attacks and forms part of a long-term commitment made by the club to tackle the root causes of youth violence while also providing

Our top 5 Christmas films on Netflix right now

This is the season for cancelling your plans, hiding under your duvet, and putting on a Christmas flick. But if you’re stuck on what to watch, then look no further.

British culture has many staples, but nothing says Christmas in the UK like the first watch of Richard Curtis’ Love Actually.

It features some of Britain’s greatest national treasures – Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant as a very dashing Prime Minister, Kiera Knightley as a newlywed, and the sorely missed Alan Rickman.

Portraying 10 inter

My Comfort Watch: Gavin and Stacey

There are certain TV shows that every time you watch them, transport you back into a certain period of your life. Fuelled by nostalgia, and desperate for some comfort in a world that is anything but, I find myself re-watching ‘Gavin and Stacey’ quite often, as it goes.

It initially became my comfort programme because all my family and friends love it too, and the “What should we watch?” question is very frequently met with resounding cries of “Gavin and Stacey!”, but I think at this point, I mu

The best influencers to bring some positivity to your feed

Welcome to 2021, where the Instagram influencer is now a familiar part of society. The platform is saturated with endless fast-fashion hauls, promotions of detox teas that give you diarrhoea and tone-deaf content about jaunts to Dubai in the middle of a global pandemic.

However, all hope isn’t lost: there are some influencers whose content feels like a breath of fresh air when it comes up on your feed.

Whilst reality TV shows such as Love Island are rightfully criticised for their lack of dive

A Rewatch Of… Doctor Who

I have been obsessed with ‘Doctor Who’ since I was a kid. I’ve collected various memorabilia, snapped photos with TARDISes and Daleks, and spent Christmas days impatiently waiting for the special.

One of the earliest memories I have is of watching it for the first time. It was the night before my 6th birthday party, and I had been allowed to stay up to help decorate. My mum consistently reminisced on growing up with Classic ‘Doctor Who’ during the 70s and 80s, so once it was announced that the

Why I Travel

I’ve never been able to fathom why anyone would want to stay in the same place for their entire life. Of course, everyone’s entitled to do whatever makes them happiest, but I’m hyperaware that there’s an entire world out there, waiting to be discovered! Filled with new experiences to discover, new people to meet, and new cuisines to try.

My parents ensured my early childhood was filled with adventure – road trips, day trips, and holidays to the UK coast, so this firmly instilled a spontaneous a

This painting reminds me of my childhood: Monet’s Water Lily Pond

“The Water Lily Pond” is an 1899 work by the impressionist painter, Claude Monet. It comprises background trees, a weeping willow, a bridge and a pond that is completely covered in vegetation and lilies. The background behind the bridge is also shielded by vegetation, and I adore the almost ethereal, fairy-like nature setting. The water lilies are painted in gorgeous pastel colours, with a teal green used for the vegetation.

It forms part of a series of almost 250 oil paintings that Monet compo

What do you miss most about live music?

For this issue, we asked three of Venue’s writers what they miss most about live music. Enjoy!

There’s nothing that can make you feel more alive than the incredible atmosphere of live music. Of course, there’s the building excitement as you queue outside the venue, waiting to buy a t-shirt of your favourite band’s logo. However, one of the best things about live music is being able to feed off the crowd’s energy, even if being shoulder to shoulder with strangers seems like such a distant concep

Rediscovering Norwich during lockdown

Like everyone, I miss travelling. I’m restless at heart and enjoy the hectic lifestyle of travelling whenever I get the chance, whether that be a weekend trip in the UK or a longer jaunt abroad.

I miss the excitement of taking a bus, a train, a plane, clutching your tickets as you gaze out the window, taking in the new scenery. Unfortunately, as we all know by now, the global coronavirus pandemic had other ideas of how we should spend our time.

The idea for creating a ‘bucket list’ for all the

Do we like romantic subplots in books?

I don’t think authors should incorporate romantic subplots into books which are non-romantic. It drags the reader away from the main plot and may leave them confused if they begin to read about a character’s love life in a thriller or a horror novel. Readers like to be able to follow a story and not be left with a lot of question marks. Ideally, romantic subplots need to be kept to books based on romance because a subplot should be based around what the book itself is about. If a romantic subplo

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